Ubiquiti - TWR Client

1) Set computer to a static IP of 2) Enter in your browser 3) Agree to the security warning 4) Login: ubnt /ubnt 5) Upgrade firmware 6) After upgrading firmware, it will force you to change password… we’ve been using ubnt / ubnt1. Whatever you set it to, let TWR know or they can’t access the radio 7) Upload the attached CFG file. The only thing you will need to change is the VLAN to LS.NET (1540) and Radio ID to LS.NET/customer name 8) I’m sure you already know, but under WIRELESS, do a scan and make sure you find an AP with at least -72. TWR won’t accept anything higher than -72. 9) I usually take a screen shot of the GENRAL page of the radio and then submit the provisioning form to TWR with the required information.