Bionic Beaver

Submitted by tarvid on Mon, 05/07/2018 - 21:41

Latest version of Ubuntu Linux 18.04, successor to Artful Aardvark, burrows into my desktop, a new server and 4 desktops. Biggest and most immediate change is in the desktop. Gone are the hopes for "unity". Also gone is any display on my desktop. I switched to Xubuntu which is the "lighter" and hopefully kinder to my hardware.  I bought a 4K monitor thinking it would be easier on my eyes (wrong) after which I bought a new video card (Nvidia) to support the monitor. Xubuntu is fine after you figure out that everything lives under the tiny icon in the upper left known as "whisker".

Most things seem to work well enough except for my favorite time-waster "xpat2". It crashes when you win the game and "help" doesn't work either. The default browser is Firefox, a not too  subtle nudge away from Google.

On the server side, I am recovering from a change in network configuration. "ifup/ifdown" has been replaced by "netmap". When I get the IP address settled down and ssh accepting passwords I can begin the real work.