Windows 10 Spring Update.

Submitted by tarvid on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 12:37

Here we come, ready or not. I installed early last Friday. Looks stable enough. Couple of reboots required. Home network gone but sharing is still possible. Still a good idea to "backup". 

I back up on a 64GB flash drive. They now sell for $16 at You will find much larger ones on Ebay, Amazon, etc. but they are all fake. Buy local. Test with h2testw. Complain vigorously if the actual is less than 90% of advertised.

I upgraded this box with a Windows 10 license I bought on Ebay. Worked fine. The ISO is free but the license is not. Bought a few more licenses but haven't tested them to see what Microsoft says. Windows 10 is actually decent. I still support Windows 7 and newer but an upgrade to 10 is likely to be my recommendation if anything goes wrong.

I am running Ubuntu Bionic Beaver +Xming under Windows System for Linux. Not perfect but an amazing achievement