Don't do that

Submitted by tarvid on Thu, 06/12/2014 - 12:16

A wanderer said to Mullah Nasrudin "Bad things happen when I do "x".

Nasrudin replied "Don't do that!"

My wife said the same thing when I botched an upgrade to our web server.

A most valued customer asked me to install Moodle -

Moodle is a web based teaching platform with a pedigree. The installation instructions were written by a person on a Mac. I love Macs, I am unwilling to pay the Apple Tax (along with the Microsoft Tax). But I made the appropriate translations to Linux and succeeded in loading the software, setting up the database and  setting workable if not preferred security permissions. I was greeted with a message saying your PHP is too old. Lots of things about me are too old so I dug around and found a "howto" install the latest PHP. In the process, the procedure updated my Apache (web server) installation and poof - everything was blown up. (Cyber terrorism?)

After several hours, I decided to revert and found a lot of key software had been upgraded. With substantial effort, I reinstalled the former versions of key software and was greeted by a plethora of error messages. I had a recent backup so I overlaid the running installation with the backup and got a different swamp of error messages. I must revisit my backup strategy. I back up all changes and additions but not deletions. So even after restoring the backup configuration files, there was a lot of lingering crud. I worked through enough to get this site back up and another hour or two should get the rest of the web sites back up too.

My wife said "If you are going to make a mess, do it in the sandbox, not in the kitchen!" Time to clean out the sandbox.