UPS again

Submitted by tarvid on Fri, 06/26/2015 - 15:02

My thought was that a UPS would act before the TWR LP generator and make the switch more graceful. In retrospect, I think we are better off without the UPS. The APC PDU is now plugged directly into the mains and the UPS is headed for the trash.

Internet outage

Submitted by tarvid on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 08:12

Wireless and fiber customers (including me) experienced an outage Monday night through Tuesday afternoon. That disabled my VOIP phone and my cellphone is unreliable at the farm.

Adblock Edge - Firefox - News

Submitted by tarvid on Tue, 03/17/2015 - 14:52

After several updates to Firefox and Chrome, both became slow and streaming impossible. I normally blame this sort of thing on add-ons but in this case, I tried adding Adblock Edge ( to Firefox. Instantly, Firefox started streaming again. I still had one nasty ad at the top of so I right clicked on the add and blocked ||^.