New Dialup Numbers

There are new dialup numbers for LSNet.

Go to and enter the number you will be dialing from.

You may get more than one number. Write down the last 7 digits ignoring the are code which should match yours. One may work better than others. Elk Creek and Independence use Mouth of Wilson phone numbers

There are multiple ways of finding the dialup number and they differ among versions of Windows. In recent versions,

Hosted email

Google Apps are no longer free -

We configured a number of websites to use Google Apps when they were free. Those sites are "grandfathered in" but unused sites have been cancelled.

Fortunately we have an low cost alternative. We will include one email address at your domain free with web hosting. Additional email addresses are $3 per month.

Don't do that

A wanderer said to Mullah Nasrudin "Bad things happen when I do "x".

Nasrudin replied "Don't do that!"

My wife said the same thing when I botched an upgrade to our web server.

A most valued customer asked me to install Moodle -

Toshiba m55-s3293 Laptop

Windows XP. 1GB RAM.100GB Hard disk. 1.86Ghz CPU. DVD-RW. Intel Wireless. AC power adapter. Cosmetically decent.

Replaced keyboard. Updated software. Removed fluff and lint. Bright screen. Works well.

Best offer -

Networking 101 - Switches

In a recent upgrade of Cox cable service in Fairfax, I installed a Linksys EtherFast® 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch. I naively plugged in cables connecting devices and when I plugged in the last one, my network died. This is a rather dumb switch, but if you look at the back there are 6 RJ45 ports on a 5 port switch.

Minix HD PC lives on Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop

I bought this box last fall with the intention of building a low power server. It came with an external DC power supply which could be replaced with a 12 v battery. It came with Windows 7 drivers but my intent was to load Ubuntu Server. The only Linux distribution I could find which offered any hope of running was Fedora 19.

Hanlon's Razor - - BGP

Arguably the greatest threat of WWIII is the Ukraine affair. The propaganda war is hard to understand unless you get both (or many) perspectives. For me, RT was the most rational allternative to CNN et al (like AlJazeera and the Middle East) and I was troubled when my route to RT.COM was broken a few weeks ago, sufficiently troubled to record "traceroutes". I made a few phone calls with no progress and when RT returned, I recorded the successful route and moved on.